Autism Collaborative Centers of Excellence

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Mission and Vision


ACCE (Autism Collaborative Centers of Excellence) works to connect individuals, families, and caregivers to ASD care in Northeastern and North Central Pennsylvania. Through partnerships with community organizations and those they serve, ACCE strives to advance a collaborative environment where participants feel they have support when they need it along with the inclusion and autonomy they desire in the community.


Focusing on community partnerships, collaboration and empowerment, ACCE advocates for broad-based ASD care that can be a model for the nation.

Key takeaways from the hubs:

  1. ACCE can provide essential information to assist consumers with ready access to community resources.
  2. A key goal is fostering an environment of inclusion, and organizing information seamlessly so that parents and caregivers can build supportive connections. They do not have to call number after number seeking help and information; community organizations will know what each other is doing.
  3. With help from consumers and participants, ACCE will identify, track down, and organize needed information as well as document gaps and areas of ongoing need.
  4. ACCE will also help to set and prioritize expectations so that everyone works from the same page.
  5. Streamlining this process for consumers and organizations is essential.