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What is Autism?

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a developmental disability that can cause significant social, communication and behavioral challenges.

There is often nothing about how people with ASD look that sets them apart from other people, but people with ASD may communicate, interact, behave, and learn in ways that are different from most other people. 

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Autism Society of America: COVID -19 Resource Page


Talking with Children about COVID - 19

Managing Anxiety and Stress with COVID- 19

Feds Weigh in on Special Ed, Medicaid Concerns over Corona Virus

Supporting Individuals with Autism Through Uncertain Times UNC Toolkit

Corona Virus Health and Safety Guide

Parent Education Advocacy and Leadership (PEAL) COVID-19 Resource Page

Aid in PA - A joint effort between ASERT (Autism Services, Education, Resources, and Training) and the statewide HCQUs (Health Care Quality Units), this site is designed to connect individuals with disabilities, families, professionals, and community members with resources that can best serve them in emergency situations.  Learn more


Safety and Care Information Sheet

FUNctional Connections LLC and Autism and Behavior Resources put together an individualized safety sheet that can be filled out in emergency situations. Learn more

Support & Referral Helpline Created for Pennsylvanians in Need of Behavioral Health Resources and Referrals During COVID-19 Public Health Crisis. The toll-free, round-the-clock support line number to call is 1-855-284-2494. For TTY, dial 724-631-5600.

Emergency Preparedness Supply Kit Checklist provided by the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services Office of Developmental Program.

Is Your Child Prepared for an Emergency? is a guide provided by Geisinger for families of children with special needs so they can be as prepared as possible if an emergency occurs.

Learning About Emergencies: A Sample Picture Book is a booklet provided by Geisinger that can be read to children and tailored to their individual needs and language level to help them understand emergencies.

An Emergency Preparedness Blank Information Sheet that parents/caregivers can fill out that with a child's medical info. In the event of an emergency, this information sheet can be a quick and simple way to convey all of the necessary information on a child to responders. (To view what a completed sheet should look like, here is a Sample Information Sheet)


Masking Resources

Wearing a mask when leaving the house helps prevent the spread of COVID-19. But children with special needs may have a difficult time wearing a mask and may not understand why they need to do it. Geisinger has provided some resources for families to help children wear a mask successfully.  

Teaching Your Child With Special Needs to Wear a Mask provides some practical tips to help children start the learning process of wearing a mask. 

Wearing a Mask Helps Me Stay Healthy is a booklet for kids that can help them make sense of the "new normal" and explains the importance of wearing a mask.


Educational Resources

We have heard from families that the list of resources offering distance learning resources is overwhelming. Amazing Educational Resources is working to catalog them to provide a brief overview to assist families.

Amazing Educational Resources

Sesame Street has videos that include activities at home setting routines, virtual hugs, and more!

Sesame Street Caring for Each Other


ASD and Behavioral Resource Videos/Trainings

VB-MAPP App for Ipad, iPhone, and Web is offering free ABA 101 Web Course temporarily in light of COVID-19. Learn more

The Kinney Center for Autism Education and Support is posting daily virtual lessons Monday thru Fridays at 10:00a.m. during COVID-19 that will feature relevant and different topics for families during this time. The videos are available on their Facebook page or YouTube channel


Speech Therapy, Physical Therapy, and Occupational Therapy

Wyoming Valley Children's Association has put together a variety of resources for speech therapy, physical therapy, and occupational therapy on their Facebook page in their videos. Learn more


At-Home Activities

Misericordia's Mercy Leaders are doing a Quarantine Quest:

The objective is to give kids something exciting to do while everyone is stuck at home. All details will be provided via email, and the supplies will be household items. If interested please email or 

S.A.F.E. Inc. has Facebook live Art Project sessions on Tuesdays evenings and Saturday afternoons. Learn more


Physical Education

The Online Physical Education Network (OPEN) has posted activities that can be done from home. Learn more


Virtual Tours and Webcams

Disney: Virtual Rides

Virtual School Activities

Cherry Blossom CAM


Early HeadStart/HeadStart provides low income families with children education, health and social services to develop skills to get them ready for school and life. Learn more

ACCE Parent and Caregiver Support

Support groups for ASD are important. We need parents and caregivers to share experiences, offer suggestions for the community and guide the information and advice to go to the right organization. Let's make new friends and discover ways for better services and provisions for our families. Learn More

A Family Network

Provides information, connections and support through their Family Advisors and networking opportunities.Learn more

Parent to Parent of Pennsylvania

Links families of children and adults with disabilities or special needs. Learn more


Getting Medical Assistance for a Child with a Disability, Behavioral or Autism Spectrum Disorder

Medical Assistance Income Requirements for 2019

Adult Autism Waiver Programs provide long term services and supports for the community living for adults over 21.

The Adult Community Autism Program, also known as ACAP, is one of two programs in Pennsylvania specifically designed to help adults with autism spectrum disorder participate in their communities in the way that they want to, based on their identified needs.

Pennsylvania Bureau of Autism Services

The mission of the Bureau of Autism Services (BAS) is to develop and manage services and supports to enhance the quality of life of Pennsylvanians living with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and to support their families and caregivers.

The Bureau will carry out its mission through the creation and administration of adult service delivery models, the development of resources to support individuals with autism and their families across the lifespan and by collaborating with and providing technical assistance to other Department of Human Services (DHS) offices and government agencies.

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Medical Assistance Transportation Program (MATP)

The Medical Assistance Transportation Program (“MATP”) is available to any Medical Assistance (“MA”) enrolled consumer who needs help with non-emergency transportation to and from MA-covered health care services or treatments. 


MATP: A Fact Sheet for Consumers developed by PA Health Law Project

Office of Vocational Rehabilitation - OVR provides assistance for people with disabilities to prepare for, obtain, or maintain employment. For information about OVR click here

To find the OVR services in your county click here

WorkforceGPS- has resources for employer families and individuals with ASD. click here

Medical Assistance for Workers with Disabilities - MAWD is a program to ensure people 16 to 65 with disabilities are able to maintain healthcare coverage at reduced or no cost when they re-enter the workforce. For more information click here

  • For a guide to understand the eligibility requirements and what can count as work click here
  • For paper application click here
  • To find the county assistance office click here
  • To apply online click here