Autism Collaborative Centers of Excellence

Professional Training Program

This program is designed to provide training in evidence-based interventions to elevate the quality and consistency of services for individuals with ASD and their families in Northeastern and Northcentral Pennsylvania.

Who is this program for?

  • The primary target audience for the program is professionals from community-based ASD diagnostic, intervention, and support services in the region.

When is this program available?

Plans are in place to start this program in summer of 2020.

What does the program entail?

Professionals completing the following steps will receive a certificate of completion: 

About the Program

The PTP was developed in collaboration with ACCE partners from Geisinger’s Autism & Developmental Medicine Institute, Misericordia University, The University of Scranton, Wyoming Valley Children’s Association and Friendship House. The team identified and delineated consensus evidence-based practice documents for interventions, including a core area of interventions. A multidisciplinary, professional curriculum comprised of free webinars, consensus documents, and resources/references are available (TBD).