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The Autism For Lifelong Learning Program


The Autism for Lifelong Learning (ALL) Program at Misericordia University is part of the University's Autism Center that resides in the College of Health Sciences. The program is dedicated to provide successful supported employment services in the context of community integration and self-determination to individuals in the ALL program. The ALL program services are provided by job coaches who are trained in autism and vocational services. 

The ALL Program is a provider for the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR), the Office of Developmental Programs (ODP) and the Bureau of Autism (BAS). 

The ALL Program believes that adults who are diagnosed with autism, or are dually diagnosed with autism and intellectual disabilities, can be successful in the workplace with proper assessments and supports. Participants in the ALL Program will be provided with the proper supports, including a job coach, to provide opportunities to find and maintain satisfying employment in an integrated setting, with at least a minimum wage. 

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The ALL Program will be offering the following services to date: 

Office of Developmental Programs

  • Support Employment
  • Community Participation Supports

Bureau of Autism

  • Supported Employment
  • Career Planning (Vocational Assessment & Job Finding)

Office of Vocational Rehabilitation 

  • Support Employment
  • Community Based Work Assessment (CBWA)
  • Job Mentoring, Job Retention
  • Transition Services: Job Shadowing, Paid Work Experience (PWE)


ALL Program

Contact Us

Melinda Baldinucci, ALL Program Manager 

  • Office: (570) 674-8200 Fax: (570) 674-8471 
  • Founded by the Sisters of Mercy 
  • 301 Lake Street, Dallas, PA 18612-1090 T: 570-674-8200 • W


Integrated Studies Program

Program Objectives

  1. To provide the necessary life skills training to individuals with autism to enable them to live independently successfully.
  2. To provide instruction and training on the skills required to acquire and maintain employment.
  3. To provide an appropriate level of a college learning experience to individuals with autism.  Giving them access to inclusive settings with the proper supports and instruction to ensure their success.  
  4. To develop a person-centered plan that includes the input of all concerned parties to develop specific reasonable objectives to increase independence.
  5. To provide an opportunity to experience appropriate elements of a college social experience that is suited to fit the specific needs and ability of the participant.


Admissions Criteria:  

  1. Must be at least 18 years old and have completed high school.
  2. You must not be older than 26 years old at the time of applying to the program.
  3. Must meet the eligibility requirements of having a diagnosis of autism.
  4. Must be able to work in a classroom and work environment.
  5. Must be able to navigate around the campus with minimal assistance.
  6. Must be willing to participate in the interview process.
  7. Must agree to participate in assessments required by the *** to determine current levels of performance.
  8. Have or had an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) at their secondary school.
  9. Provide high school transcript, IEP, and evaluation reports to the *** program.
  10. Must demonstrate an interest in participating in all elements of the program including learning experiences, work experiences, and social experiences.
  11. Must meet all the immunization requirements for the *** program.

Participants meet local safety personnel

Our participants in our Integrated Studies program, were able to meet a local Fire fighter and a local Police Officer.  The girls first met with our local fire department , who were gracious enough to bring their truck, so the girls were able to view some tools used to save lives if there were a fire.  The next day Office Bernie talked to them about how, if they were ever in need ,the police could help them.  The girls were very interested in both departments vehicles and the equipment they use to save lives. 


Anticipated Outcomes

  1. At least eighty-five percent (85%) of participants completing the program will live independently, with supported living services as required.
  2. At least eighty-five percent (85%) of the participants completing the program will be employed, with job coaches as required.
  3. At least eighty-five percent (85%) will successfully complete the program



Integrated Studies Program

Contact Us

Contact Information: Janine Starinsky, Director of the Autism Center @ Misericordia University Office: (570) 674-8200