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Inclusive Play Dates FAQ's

Q: When will fall playdates be announced?

We are monitoring the current COVID-19 guidelines and will be scheduling fall playdates as soon as the situation allows. Follow ACCE on Facebook or check our website for the most recent information.

Q: What activities are there for participants?

We offer various play stations. They include social play, free play, theme play and art activities. There will be opportunity to practice social and play skills in real life scenarios with peers. Playgroups enable children to interact, learn about socia expectations and practice motor skills in an inclusive play zone.

Q: Wlil participants interact with University of Scranton students?

Yes. Students in our Occupational Therapy Department, under the supervision of faculty, will be interacting and socializing with participants.

Q: My child has trouble with activities that other children don't. Will there be other activities for them?

Yes. Activities during the playdate can be adopted to accommodate every individual ability. If you would like to talk with a faculty member with further questions, please contact Dr. Julia Guzman through her email at

Q: Where are the playdates?

Playdates are held in Edward Leahy Hall located on the corner of Jefferson and Linden.

Q: How much are the playdates?

There is no cost to attend.

Q: How do I know if the playdates are canceled because of weather?

As long as the University of Scranton is open, playdates will be available. Please check local listings for closings or early dismissal at the University of Scranton. If you cannot make it because of the weather please email Dr. Julia Guzman.