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Caregiver Workshop FAQs


Q: This sounds like a nice training, and I would love to do something like this, but I can’t make the commitment because I have to care for my child.

We will have activities that your loved one(s) can do so you can have the time to enjoy and learn from these sessions.

Q: Do I have to make a commitment to attend all of the sessions?

We understand coming to all of the sessions might be hard for some families so we welcome you to attend the sessions you can. We ask that you let us know if there are sessions you cannot attend so we can make them available to others. If you can’t make a session, lease call or email Dr. Erin Dunleavy, 570-941-7000 ext 6/

Q: I only just found out about this and a coulee of sessions have already happened, can I still join?

As long as we have room in the group, you are welcome to join! Please call or email Dr. Erin Dunleavy, 570-941-7000 ext 6/

Q: Something came up and I had to miss a session. Is there any way I can get the information?

Absolutely, just reach out to the workshop facilitator, Dr. Tiffany Bordonada, Assistant Professor in the Department of Counseling and Human Services at the University of Scranton, via email at or phone at 570-941-7487.

Q: You mentioned that you have activities available for my loved ones. What sorts of activities are available?

Theses structured activities will consist of a variety of fun and learning for your loved ones. For example, your loved ones may play cooperative games together, create projects, sing, exercise, and arts and crafts. These activities are designed to promote awareness of wellness and collaboration with others. Our master’s level graduate students who have secured all appropriate clearances to engage with minors will lead these structured activities.

Q: How do I know if any sessions are cancelled because of weather?

As long as the University of Scranton is open, sessions will be available. Please check local listings for closings or early dismal at the University of Scranton. If you cannot make it because of the weather, please call or email Erin Dunleavy 570-941-7000 ext. 6

Q: How much does this cost.

The sessions are free.