Autism Collaborative Centers of Excellence

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Project Goals

ASD is a behaviorally-defined condition with diagnosable genetic disorders being the most common known causes. Developmental behavioral evaluation and genetic testing are recommended as part of the comprehensive diagnostic work-up of individuals with ASD.

Because of long waiting lists for evaluation and a lack of adequately-trained clinicians, many with ASD in Northeastern and North Central Pennsylvania experience delayed or inaccurate diagnosis, and relatively few undergo recommended medical and genetic testing.

According to the AllOne Foundation and The University of Scranton, the Autism Collaborative Centers of Excellence will:

  • Create autism spectrum disorder community hubs to assist people and families in identifying and navigating services throughout the region.
  • Establish a coordinated network of qualified autism spectrum disorder providers to facilitate regional access to evidence-based care.
  • Deliver an array of services and support for people with autism spectrum disorder from early intervention to adult services.
  • Provide a coordinated, comprehensive approach to the identification and treatment of autism spectrum disorder for children, adults, and families.
  • Promote evidence-based practices as the standard for autism spectrum disorder treatment in the region.
  • Enhance undergraduate and graduate training opportunities in autism spectrum disorder-related fields to create a highly skilled talent pool for the region.
  • Expand opportunities for respite care for families.
  • Ensure a consistent, seamless approach that allows for tracking service delivery transitions across multiple agencies.
  • Implement an ongoing process for data collection, analysis, and the reporting of outcomes and recommendations from the coordinated network of qualified providers to enhance the delivery of evidence-based care across Northeastern and North Central Pennsylvania for people with autism spectrum disorder and their families.